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Dance Jobs International Guam Island

Club dancers wanted in all of our local and international clubs. We book, and need dancers all year round so join our agency and start your next money making adventure. As you may know Dance Jobs International is a global exotic dance agency. Our list of partner clubs is growing all the time and we are happy to offer our dancers a wide variety of clubs and locations to choose from. There is so much work available and although we have a large number of dancers applying all the time, we can never fill the number of club dancers wanted by the clubs that have requested our international club agency to recruit for them. We specialize in nude dancer/ dancing jobs, hostess jobs, we have an amazing selection of classy clubs all over the world, just contact us and ask us some questions, we are only too happy to suggest the best places that you can go to work.

Dance Jobs International Guam Island

We cooperate with high class night clubs pretty much all over the world specializing mostly on Europe and the USA. We also cooperate with international model agencies, hostess agencies and photographers.

Internet is such a great place for people to meet and fulfil their work wishes and Dance Jobs International is proud to give you a unique chance to become a dancer in this unique industry, so why not start earning NOW.





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Dancing is something really best picked up on the job. I've never seen a girl really have a problem. If you're really worried once you're hired try showing up early before the club opens to practice.

I'm really surprised you're having so much trouble. Clubs are always desperate for dancers. They don't generally pay salaries and the more girls they have the more customers they get. It's really a win win situation for them so they have to have a very good reason to turn a girl down. It's generally because she's carrying a little to much baggage. Remember aside from boobs, low body fat is the name of the game. Flat chest, plain face,short legs- no problem, but if you're carrying even a little extra in the butt and thighs they won't hire you. I'm very sorry, I don't mean to be insulting and I may be totally off base but this is what keeps most girls from getting hired.
Go for the 4 inch. The main purpose of heels is to flatten your stomach and lengthen your legs, the height thing doesn't really matter. If you're worried, a two piece dress or thigh high stockings will make you look shorter. Just avoid standing next to the really small girls. I was once dancing on stage with a beautiful dancer about your size but the difference in our height made us both look bad. I looked like a midget and she looked like a giant. Something to keep in mind...
I started dancing when I was 18. Nowhere in the US is it legal for you to dance under that age- even if you're able to your parents could go to jail for neglect. In Canada you can start dancing at 16 but I really wouldn't suggest it. Keep in mind dancing is a means to an end- it makes a lousy career. When I was in high school many of my friends had part time jobs to save for college. I think that their studies suffered because of it. I was able to devote all my time to studying as much as I could. When I was 18 and graduated high school I had been accepted to some very good colleges. I started dancing that summer. So when spring came and college started most of my high school friends were starving their way through community college; I had plenty of money and could afford to go to a very good school and even afford to hire private tutors for difficult subjects. This is really what dancing is great for. It enables a girl to earn a good living while in college without having to worry about loans or anything. I hate to sound like a typical grownup but my advice is to put all your effort into school. That way when you graduate you'll have the grades and the source of income to go to law, medical school etc.
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